This Simple Solution Can Relieve Your Chronic Headaches in 15 Minutes (And Big Pharma Isn’t Happy)

When it comes to pain relief, historically you’ve had two options: Load up on over-the-counter drugs, or suffer through the pain.

Or at least, that’s what Jon Doogan once thought.

He was one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Like many of those people, he didn’t want to rely on painkillers for the rest of his life… so he suffered through relentless headaches.

This meant a life of avoiding sunlight, loud noises, screens, and even activities he once enjoyed. He was determined to avoid drugs, which came at a cost: He started slipping into depression.

It wasn’t just the physical pain, either. Jon missed his old life – one where he could go about his day smiling instead of constantly in fear of a debilitating headache.

But one day, Jon’s roommate suggested something “new” – a natural technique passed down from her grandmother.

She assured Jon this technique – which had actually been used to relieve headaches for hundreds of years – would relieve him of the constant pain battering through his skull, WITHOUT forcing him to swallow medication.

Her suggestion? Use a cold, wet washcloth to provide “cold therapy”.

The first time he tried it, Jon was shocked at how such a simple solution could cure the headaches that tormented him since childhood. He felt relief almost instantly, as the cool washcloth helped relax him and relieve him of his nagging head pain.

If you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve already heard about this trick, trust me: keep reading. Because Jon took this tried-and-true method… and did something truly incredible with it.

Bringing the wet washcloth into the 21st century

Jon became an instant fan of the technique, using it any time he felt a headache coming on to find relief in under 15 minutes.

The method was incredibly effective – but there were still a few problems with it.

First, even though the relief came FAST, it didn’t last for more than a few minutes. As soon as the washcloth warmed to room temperature, it would need to be swapped out.

Secondly, the wet washcloth was rather messy and tended to get his clothing and furniture wet.

So Jon looked for an alternative solution. He knew that the wet washcloth was the safest, most natural, and most effective way to cure his chronic headaches… he just wanted to tweak the remedy to make it more convenient.

Sadly, he discovered that nobody had ever created a “modern wet washcloth” – it seemed like Big Pharma had everyone hooked on pills (or leaving them to suffer). So Jon decided to create it himself.

After tons of research (and plenty of trial and error), he arrived at the solution: The Aculief Headache Relief Hat. His simple invention provided the same, instant relief as a wet washcloth – but it kept cooler for longer, and didn’t cause a huge mess.

He released his invention earlier this year… and it became an overnight viral sensation. His Aculief Headache Relief Hat is now helping THOUSANDS of people find natural relief from headaches in less than 15 minutes.

In today’s article, you’ll see why this groundbreaking invention is a must-have for anyone who suffers from migraines or chronic headaches.

First, what is the Aculief Headache Relief Hat?

The Aculief Headache Relief Hat is a “cooling cap” that uses gentle compression to apply doctor-recommended cold therapy all-around your entire head.

It’s made with breathable fabric and an adjustable strap, allowing it to easily apply medical-grade cooling packs to your head — without any mess, hassle, or hands-on application.

As a result, the Aculief Headache Relief Hat provides even better relief than a wet washcloth – but this is not your grandmother’s ice pack. It’s an innovative device that is designed to deliver optimal comfort and relief in minimal time.

The soft, breathable fabric fits comfortably on your head – no matter the shape or size. Even better, it comes with a special flap that you can pull over your eyes and ears to block out irritating noise or light – which is amazing if you’re prone to migraines.

Unlike wet washcloths – which quickly warm up – the Aculief Headache Relief Hat holds its cool, relaxing temperature for long enough to give you full relief. You can even place it in the fridge or the freezer, depending upon your comfort level.

How do you use the Aculief Headache Relief Hat?

This is the best part – it’s so easy! There’s nothing complicated to mess with, and you can’t get it wrong:

  1. Remove the Aculief Headache Hat from the fridge or freezer
  2. Place it on your head
  3. Relax as the soothing cold compression therapy eases your pain

Most people keep theirs in the fridge at all times so it’s always ready to go. If you find that it’s too cold in the fridge, simply wait a bit before putting it on – it’s 100% safe to use, so do whatever feels comfortable and gives you the best relief.

How does the Aculief Headache Relief Hat work?

The Aculief Headache Relief Hat works by combining compression and cooling relief to help relieve head pain.

To understand why the Aculief Headache Relief Hat provides such fast and effective headache relief, first, you need to understand how headaches and migraines happen in the first place. When a migraine kicks in, the blood vessels in your head become inflamed. Headache medications called Triptans try to reduce inflammation by shrinking your blood vessels.1

Now, if you suffer from headaches or migraines, you already know that these drugs CAN provide temporary relief… but they also come with harmful side effects, and can cause dependence if used too frequently.

But here’s what those big pharma companies don’t want you to know: Science shows that cold therapy and compression are two of the most proven methods of fighting inflammation.

Aculief combines both methods to alleviate your chronic migraine pain and speed up your recovery time.

That’s right – for many people, the Aculief Headache Relief can actually be more effective than painkillers… and it’s 100% natural. (No wonder you haven’t heard about it yet, right?)

Is the Aculief Headache Relief Hat right for you?

The Aculief is designed for anyone who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines. If you’re wondering if this solution will work for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does headache pain prevent you from working, performing everyday tasks, or enjoying time with family?
  • Do you keep painkillers stocked in the medicine cabinet, in case a headache kicks in?
  • Have you struggled to find a natural solution that’s also comfortable?
  • Have you struggled finding any solution — natural or pharmaceutical — that provides relief in as little as 15 minutes?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to trade in the painkillers, ice packs, and wet washcloths for a better solution. Thanks to Jon’s invention, you can finally stop allowing headaches to control your life – and get back to doing things you once loved.

Jon believes no one should have to live with chronic headache or migraine pain – if you agree, you have to try Aculief!

For years, Jon thought his headaches were incurable — he tried every drug and painkiller on the market, yet nothing worked.

The age-old wet washcloth trick was the first thing that offered instant AND lasting pain relief. When he realized that nobody had ever marketed such a powerful solution, he dedicated his life to providing long-lasting natural relief to his fellow headache and migraine sufferers.

By combining medical-grade cold therapy with buttery-soft compression, Jon’s Aculief Headache Relief Hat finally offers lasting pain relief.

Despite its recent launch, it’s already earned a 4.5/5 star rating and is helping thousands of people cure their nagging headaches.

If you’re tired of headaches limiting your life, you absolutely have to try it!


Based on an overwhelming response, the Aculief Headache Relief Hat is now offering a special offer to those who read this article. Now, you can buy one Aculief Headache Relief Hat and get a second one for 50% OFF – or get a FREE Aculief when you buy 2.

This is great as a gift, of course – but it’s also an affordable way to ensure you always have one around (most people keep one at the office and at home).

It’s time to stop missing out on life because of migraines and headaches. Try the Aculief Headache Now and feel relief in as little as 15 minutes.

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